Woman Contracts Arm Robbers To Kill Her Husband

The Accra Regional Police have arrested a 39-year-old woman, Sala Karim, who allegedly contracted a robbery gang to kill her husband to enable her to marry her white boyfriend domiciled in the United States of America.

The deceased, Abdul Karim, 50, met his untimely death at their GHS Estates residence near Pokuase on June 15, 2013, around 9:00pm when a three-member gang, including his brother-in-law, clubbed him to death.

His wife, Sala, on that fateful day, allegedly laced his food with the sleep-inducing diazepam or valium, before the three robbers clubbed him to death. After the act, Sala allegedly went to the Pokuase Police Station to report that her husband had been killed at their residence while she was taking her bath, by an unknown gang.

The suspects are Kofi Nyagbedzi, 34, gang leader; Awudu Alhassan Sulemana aka Dozer, 32, the brother of Sala and Mohammed Sulemana aka Babana, 44. This came to light after the police arrested four other gang members who were sent by Kofi Nyagbedzi to attack a hotel at Adenta.

The others are Samson Essien, 26, Akonortey Addey, 32, an ex-convict, Holalo Ganyo, 22 and Timothy Okpadgah, 19. All the eight are now in the custody of the Accra Regional Police Command.
From right: Mohammed Sulemana aka Dozer, Awudu Alhassan, Kofi Nyagbedzi, Sala Karim, Samson Essien, Timothy Okpadgah, Holali Ganyo and Akonortery Addey with the clubs

Briefing the media yesterday, DCOP Christian Tetteh Yohuno, the Accra Regional Police Commander, said on June 18, 2013, around 8:30pm, acting upon a tip-off, the police arrested suspects Samson Essien, Akonortey Addey, Holalo Ganyo and Timothy Okpadgah at a popular hotel at Adenta, as they were preparing to embark on a robbery operation.

While interrogating them at the scene, Kofi Nyagbedzi, leader of the gang who could not join the operation, called the phone of Samson to find out whether the operation was successful. On the instructions of the police, Samson answered in the affirmative and consequently told Kofi to come over at the hotel for his share of the booty. When Kofi got to the scene, he was also arrested by the police.

During interrogation, Kofi Nyagbedzi made a revelation that he could not join in the operation because Sala Karim aka Mother had hired him together with his brother Awudu Alhassan Sulemana, and Mohammed Sulemana to kill her husband at Pokuasi.

He said they were given GH¢1,000 after the act. Kofi then led police to Dodowa where Awudu and Mohammed were then hiding, and they were also arrested for questioning. Awudu and Mohammed admitted taking part in the killing of Abdul Karim on June 15; and added that they were paid to do so.

Sulemana Mohammed revealed that Awudu Alhassan, the brother of Sala Karim, contacted him to help in carrying out the act, which he obliged. Awudu also confessed to the police that his sister, Sala contracted him four months ago to eliminate her husband, Abdul Karim for GH¢1000.

According to him, the sister informed him that she was befriending a white man based in the United States of America who would be coming down to pick her to the States. She said the presence of her husband, who subjected her to severe beatings, would not allow her to carry out her plans of marrying the white man.

On the scheduled day, Sala locked the three of them up in their bathroom together with their clubs and sticks, while they waited for the husband to return from work. After the husband had arrived, Sala induced him to sleep by putting some quantity of valium in his food.

After eating the food, the deceased, Abdul Karim, immediately fell asleep and so the wife placed him on a mattress before calling the miscreants to come out with their clubs. They then clubbed the husband to death in a brutal fashion.

Sala pretentiously started wailing for help while they fled the scene. She later visited the Amasaman Police Station to report that thugs had killed her husband. Even though Sala had denied the act, police were still investigating the matter.

Source: Daily Guide


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