Will Promzy Learn From Friction, Wutah, Praye and others?

All over the world, publicity stunt has been used by both individuals and companies for one reason or the other.

Thus when the news broke that Promzy, a member of VIP, the biggest Hiplife group since the inception of the genre many years ago has exited the group to embark on a solo journey, I brushed it off.

In fact, I laughed and said to myself, “This should be one of those numerous publicity stunts employed by artistes to sell themselves and create awareness for their upcoming single or album”.

However, the group’s manager, Bulldog has come out to confirm his exit and even given reasons for his departure. For me, it was such an unwelcome news, even though Promzy has not come out publicly to speak on it.

There are few music groups in Ghana and the rate at which they are breaking up is disturbing. Even though some artistes in Ghana who break away from their groups have chalked some success, most often, the break ups ‘kill’ both those who move away and the ones who stay making the artistes go missing on the music radar forever.

In as much as I personally didn’t see Promzy as a leader of VIP, I knew his contribution to the group can’t be over emphasized. He has been an integral member of VIP since Friction and Bone left.  The group has been churning out hits after hits but I didn’t see him as someone who held the lifeline of the group. I must be frank on this one!

First of all, there are several reasons why anybody would want to go into singing or do music. If it’s not because the person thinks he has the talent to sing and want the whole world to hear his songs, it might  be because of the fame that comes with  being a musician. Or perhaps the person sees music as a source to earn an income.

By the Grace of God and by dint of hard work, Promzy has managed to acquire all of the above by virtue of being a member of VIP. So on what premise is he exiting the group at this time?

I understand every individual has the passion and direction they want to go at some point, which also applies to members of a group but is it not too late for him to go solo?  It’s imperative that, artistes in groups who want to go solo remember and learn from artistes who have gone solo and failed to make an impact.

Friction, founder and former leader of VIP may have left the group and doing well business-wise but musically he is a dead horse. In fact, he’s lost on the music calendar, even though he tried to push singles here and there .

I don’t have the powers to predict Promzy’s musical future but I believe I have the right to advise him to at least take a cue from his former leader because chances are that, he may not get to mainstream as a solo artiste.

If still in doubt, he can also learn a thing from the likes of Akyeame, Buk Bak, Klala, Wutah and recently Praye. Members of the named groups gelled together and churned out great tunes. What has happened to them after the break up?

Okyeame Quophi is doing well as a radio presenter while Okyeame Kwame is also doing marvelously as a solo artiste but what Akyeame would have achieved if the two hadn’t gone their separate ways can only be imagined.

The stories of Buk Bak, Klala, Wutah and Praye are there for Promzy to ponder over. Should he decide not to take me serious, can he at least read these few lines from Friction last Tuesday on TV3?  “… It would be very good if they (VIP) can stick together … It’s good to be together than to be separated.”

Until Promzy comes out publicly to say that he was forced out of the group by the other two members, any other reason apart from the above surely doesn’t make sense at all.

If he’s not being pushed out like I’m thinking and it’s just a matter of ‘misunderstanding’ does that warrant him to leave? What happened to agree to disagree or disagree to agree?

Anyway, let’s see how far Promzy can go as a solo artiste.

Source: Graphic Showbiz


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