Wife Catches Husband In The Act With Lover On Christmas Day

This married woman caught her husband red handed enjoying himself in his car with the lover on Christmas day.

According to information gathered by Reportghananews.com, The woman became suspicious when the husband told her, he wanted to travel alone to the village to spend the Christmas with the mother.

According to the wife, they normally travel to the village together with the kids to see her Mother-In-Law and so she was surprise when the husband wanted to travel alone this time around.

As soon as the husband went into the bathroom, the woman took his phone and found love messages between his husband and the lover. She also found out the husband was going to meet his lover at a secret location that day.

A source told Reportghananews.com that when the husband went out in his private car, the wife was secretly following him in a Taxi.

The husband picked up his girlfriend and then took her to the secret location and parked his car. Instead of going to a hotel, these two love birds decided to enjoy themselves in the car.

As they were enjoying themselves, the wife caught them red handed in the act and she immediately pounced on the lady with punches and slaps.








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