Why Doesn’t He Make a Move on You? 3 Reasons Why He Won’t

You spend a lot of time with one of your guy friends, even time alone, and when you do – you always find yourself hoping that he is going to make a move on you. Yet, for some reason, he never does. He says things that get you thinking, things that kind of imply that he does like you like that, yet he still doesn’t seem to ever make the move on you. Why is that?

Here are 3 possible reasons why he won’t make the move on you:

1) He is painfully shy around women and even though he doesn’t seem that way in the sense of he can talk to you, he is too shy to actually make a physical move.

Some guys really are this way. They won’t be so shy around a woman that they like that they can’t talk to her, but they are shy enough that they just can’t make the physical move. Meaning, even doing something like putting their arm around you is a big deal in their mind. If that is the case, then you might end up waiting a LONG time for him to make his move on you.

2) He doesn’t really think of you in that way and so, it would be weird for him to make the move.

You also have to consider the possibility that while you might be thinking something is up between you and him, he just doesn’t feel that way about you. One of the hard things to deal with in a male/female friendship is that one person almost always likes the person in a more romantic way and if you happen to be the one that feels that way… you might have to just admit that you are stuck in the friend zone with him.

3) He keeps you around to boost his ego.

Another thing that can happen is that a guy can know that a certain female friend likes him, and it feeds his ego and that is why he likes having her around. This is usually another scenario where you are pretty much stuck being someone he’ll hang out with, but not date. Some guys do this because they have a hard time feeling worthy unless they have a woman whom they know is attracted to them around them. The problem with this scenario is that sometimes they will eventually get physical… but still not really want a relationship.

Source: Alexandra Scott srslyluv.com


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