Watch Video: Young Man Caught Girlfriend In the Act With Fake Pastor

This young man caught his girlfriend red handed enjoying herself with a fake Pastor. The most painful part was that he was actually planning to marry the girl.

According to information gathered by Reportghananews.com, the girl had a secret relationship with the Pastor, but she has been pressuring her boyfriend to marry her.

Some of the young guy friends found out about his plans to propose marriage to the girl and then decided to gossip about how they always saw his girlfriend with the fake Pastor.

The guy was suddenly filled with suspicion and so went ahead to hatch a plan to monitor his girlfriend and find out what was going on.

Lo and behold, he found his girlfriend n3ked in the room with the Pastor. Should the guy forgive the girlfriend and marry her after this shameful act?

Watch the video to see how the drama unfoulded.

lady caught cheating on boyfriend by ReportGhanaNews


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