Watch Video: Woman injected COOKING OIL into her own face after doctors refused to give her any more plastic surgery

It is alleged this young lady was obsessed with looking good and so she always go to the plastic surgeon to get her face done so that can look like the celebrities. The doctors in her neighborhood got fed up with her and refused to do any more plastic surgery on her due to health risk.

However, she managed to get the needed equipment and started purchasing silicone so that she could do the plastic surgery herself. The authorities found out she was purchasing the silicone for herself and so refused to sell to her.

when the silicone she was using for the plastic surgery ran out she resorted to using cooking oil which damage her face. Her face was so damage that her own parents did not recognise her.

It looks like she is paying for trying to change the face God gave her. Lets know what you think.

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