Watch Video: Woman Gives Birth To Lizard In Indonesia

A woman who ‘gave birth’ to a lizard has been threatened by an angry lynch mob who accused her of witchcraft.

Debi Nubatonis, 31, gave birth to the gecko after an eight-month pregnancy and now Indonesian officials are sending in an exert team to clear up the mystery.

The scientists in the team said that although it was clearly nonsense that the woman had given birth to a lizard, they needed to investigate to come up with a logical explanation.

The alleged lizard birth happened in May in the remote Oenunto Village where a midwife who claimed she went to deliver a baby for a woman who did not have time to get to the hospital alleged that instead of a child, a lizard had been born.

The allegations led to threats against the woman and her family who were accused of witchcraft and that quickly led to hysterical debate on the internet.

Watch the video below:


Source: Mirror UK


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