Watch Video: Taxi Driver Knocks Down 2 Armed Robbers On The Run

A courageous Taxi driver was the hero of the day when he decided to knock down 2 armed robbers who were on the run on a motorbike after they attacked their victim, a lady around the Lands Commission area of Cantonments in Accra and shot her.

Apparently, the taxi driver saw what was going on and then he quickly decided to use his car to save the day by knocking down the armed robbers as they tried to get away.

They ended up in a gutter with broken legs. According to reports, even though they were seated on the floor with broken legs, they still managed to shot their guns to scare people away until a military man came out from nowhere and brought out a gun to shot them.

Finally, the military man was able to disarm them and then called the Police.

Watch the video below:


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