Watch Video: Syrian Man’s Tearful Reunion With Son Will Break Your Heart

You might not understand a single word spoken in this video of a man reuniting with his young son, but his face speak volumes. The man, from Zamalka, Syria, thought his son had been killed, along with other children, in a chemical attack.

Huffington Post translates the YouTube video’s caption, written in Arabic, as follows: “Many people lost their sons and relatives. Alive, dead, [they] do not know anything. [This is a] very touching meet up with his son after he lost [him] due to the chemical bombing of Zamalka.” Very touching, indeed.

The bereft man rushes to see his son, sinking to his knees as he embraces him. His grief and relief are palpable, but soon they are again swept apart, only later reunited. As the boy sits on his father’s lap, the man strokes him tenderly, smoothing his hair. The man’s gentle kisses say everything about the love of a parent for a child, in any language.

Source: Huffington Post


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