Watch Video: Shatte Wale Caught Smoking Weed (Marijuana) with Friends

Ghanaian dance hall artists, Shatta Wale was captured on video smoking weed with his friends at a local joint.

The sad part was that he intentionally ask one of his friends to take a video while he was smoking and then posted it on YouTube for the world to see.

We all know Shatte Wale smokes weed (marijuana), but is it really necessary to video himself doing it and then post on the internet?

My 10 years old nephew loves Shatte Wale and so when he goes on the internet and watch the video of his idol smoking, he will immediately think it is okay to smoke weed.

This is an old video, but it is alleged Shatte Wale has not made any effort to remove it from YouTube…on behalf of all the innocent children in Ghana, I edge him to immediately remove this video from the internet.

Watch the video below:


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