Watch Video: Kanye West Hits Head on Metal Signboard, then Screams at the Paparazzi

Kanye West was taking his baby mama Kim Kardashian to the restaurant when the Paparazzi started following them on their way to the restaurant. At this point the Paparazzi were taking pictures of the celebrity couple then Kanye West hit his head on a metal signboard when he try to avoid the paparazzi. Checkout bump on Kanye West’s forehead after the incident.

He got very angry and yelled:

“Don’t take a muthaf-ckin’ photo man. Don’t take a photo! Stop it! All of you muthaf-ckas stop it man!”

The whole incident was captured on camera by TMZ

Watch the Video where Kanye West hits his head on Metal Signboard

Watch the video where Kanye West screams at the paparazzi


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