Watch Video: Ghanaian Gay Movie Producers Exposed

Following ‘sex for movie roles’ allegation by Kumawood actor Big Akwes, beautiful Ghanaian actress Vicky Zugah has revealed that the Ghanaian movie industry is flooded with gay producers who also demand sex from her colleague actors.

The actress who disclosed that over 10 movie directors/producers demanded sex from her before giving her a role in a movie on Radio Univers said actresses are not the only persons susceptible to physical or emotional attack in the movie industry but the gents as well. According to her “we have female producers and gay movie producers in Ghana” who demand for sex from actors before assigning them movie roles.

She further stated that female movie producers demand for sex from actors after finding them attractive at auditions. “So if the female movie producer wants her “cut” of share of the cake after she has auditioned you and finds you attractive, she will call and negotiate with you” she told Abrantepa, host of the show. Vicky added that “It is not just the female producers” who demand for sex from actors but “it’s all over”.

To her, the ‘sex for role’ dilemma cannot be eradicated from the movie industry because it happens in any business field. “There is very little or nothing we can do about it because it happens everywhere even in the cooperate world bosses sleep with their workers everyday to give them jobs” “As a woman, what I will say is that the ladies and women out there, if you want to act lets be patient.

You will surely make it if you have the talent. If you are not determined but you think because you have a pretty face so you can go and open your thighs for someone to enter for a movie role, then you are wrong”. Vicky Zugah celebrates her birthday on Saturday, October 11 at the The Borstal Institute for juveniles in Accra, a correction centre for people who are under 18 years old and have been convicted of criminal or civil offenses.

Watch the video below:

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