Watch Video: Countryman Songo Insults Charlotte Osei, But Refuse To Condemn Attacks on Journalist At Fox FM

Sports Presenter, Patrick Osei Agyemang, popularly known as Countryman Songo was captured on video insulting Electoral Commission Chairperson Madam Charlotte Osei over the new logo.

He went to the extent of calling the woman crazy. I was a strong supporter of Countryman Songo until I watched the video. It was pathetic.

First of all, I thought Countryman Songo was educated enough to know that Charlotte Osei was just the Electoral Commission Chairperson. She doesn’t take all these decisions on her own. It’s not fair to single her out.

Electoral Commission is not Ghana Football Association. If you insult and cast doubt on the credibility of the Electoral Commission Chairperson, will people accept herĀ  declaration of election results on November 7th?

A few days ago, some macho men storm a radio station to beat up journalists at a radio station called Fox Fm in Kumasi. Apparently, a panelist reportedly lambasted Nana Akufo-Addo for being behind the division in the NPP.

The Macho men forcibly burst into the studios and started beating persons in the room including host of the show.

Up until today, I have not heard a word from Countryman Songo condemning the attack on his fellow journalist. If Countryman Songo is a man, he should insult Nana Akufo-Addo and lets see.

Watch the video below:



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