Watch Video: Big Brother Africa The Chase – Elikem and Dillish Get Touchy Feely

Well well what do we have here? It’s Dillish and Elikem getting touchy feely with one another.

But relax #TeamPolikem, there is no need to try to snatch the Namibian’s wig off; as it was all in the name of good clean fun. Earlier in the evening the young Ruby lady walked up to the Ghanaian with her wand in hand and asked: “Why did you break my wand”. “I don’t know what you are talking about princess,” he replied.

He then playfully kissed her neck and tackled her onto the couch and the two rolled off the couch and Dillish fell on top of Elikem on the floor in a fit of laughter. The Ghanaian Housemate then quickly got up and ran off screaming: “I tricked the princess I got her wand”. Leaving Dillish on the floor dramatically calling out for help. These two though, they can be so humorous.

What do you think of Elikem and Dillish’s playful ways?

Watch the video below:

Source: Big Brother Africa


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