Village Chief Fights In Public

Drama unfolded at Tano Odumase in the Atwima Mponua District of the Ashanti Region yesterday when the chief of the town, Nana Agyare Boateng openly engaged in a bloody fight with a native of the town. The unpleasant spectacle unfolded when one Kofi Boateng of the Asona Family of the town and his cohorts, tried to prevent the chief, who was dressed in his full regalia, from attending a public function.

The incident happened in the full glare of the Health Minister, Sherry Ayitey and other top dignitaries who had taken their seats on the dais for the launch of the 2013 World Pharmacists Day. According to Kofi Boateng and his group, Nana Agyare Boateng was destooled about six years ago, and so had no right to parade himself as chief at the function.

A heated debate ensued between the chief and his opponent, which suddenly turned bloody, with the two feuding parties engaging in a free-for-all brawl as the chief and his elders tried to enter the event grounds. The event was about to officially start when the incident, which lasted for about 20 minutes, happened, drawing curious people including scores of media men to the scene.

It all started when Boateng and his group who had laid siege on the event venue, rushed towards the Tano Odumase Chief, destroying the umbrella under which he was moving to the function. Nana Agyare Boateng became peeved about the embarrassment caused him; so he retaliated in a brutal fashion by throwing away his cloth and unleashing ‘wicked’ punches on his attackers.

Soon, the place was turned into a boxing arena, as the chief and Boateng openly traded hefty punches, with the Health Minister, Ms Ayitey, and other dignitaries watching in awe. During the fight, Nana Agyare Boateng landed some punches which seemed to have dazed Boateng, who in an attempt to save his life, took to his heels. There was more drama at this juncture, as the Tano Odumase Chief, who was then fuming with rage, gave Boateng a wild chase, drawing shouts and laughter from onlookers.

Boateng, who was panting for breath, took refuge in dirty stagnant water, but his decision did not deter Nana Agyare Boateng, who in ‘Rambo style’, jumped high and landed on his hapless victim in the water. The chief continued landing a succession of quick punches on Boateng who was then lying on the ground until some Good Samaritans rushed to the scene to save him from further punishment.

When calm was restored, Nana Agyare Boateng, who was then looking dirty, was taken to a room in the Anglican Health Center where the event was taking place, for some minutes after which he was whisked away. Later on, one Nana Atta, said to be a loyal supporter of the Tano Odumase chief, stormed the event grounds with a speeding car, threatening to deal ruthlessly with any one that would dare attack the chief.

In a chat with DAILY GUIDE, Kofi Boateng said Nana Agyare had been destooled a long time ago after he misconducted himself, so he was surprised that the man was still parading himself as chief of the town. He said he and his group had vowed to embarrass Nana Agyare Boateng anytime he tried to parade himself as chief.

Meanwhile, the MP of the area, Isaac Kwame Asiamah, who was one of the speakers at the event, urged the community to unite, stressing that fighting would not help the area to develop. In his succinct speech, he lamented over the incident, and reiterated his call on the people to unite so that together they could push the developmental aspirations of the town.

A large number of police personnel were later deployed to the town to ensure peace, but checks by DAILY GUIDE indicated that tension was at boiling point between the two feuding parties as at the time of filing this report.

Source: Daily Guide


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