University Lecturer Stripped After He Attempted To Molest A Female Student

A University lecturer in Nigeria was caught after he attempted molesting a female student. The man you see kneeling down in the picture above is supposedly the lecturer.

According to information gathered by reportghananews.com, He took advantage of the fact that he is the lecturer and threatened to fail the female student if she refuse to sleep with him.

Female student initially rejected his advances, but the lecturer became very aggressive and that was when he started threatening to fail her. The lady finally accept to sleep with him because she didn’t want to fail her exam.

She made an arrangement for the lecturer to come to her apartment on friday. The lecturer showed up at her apartment on time for action. Unknown to him, female student had arranged with her male friends and neighbours to barge into her room once she got the lecturer to completely take off his clothes

The young men who caught the lecturer gave him some good beatings before sending him to the University Authorities.


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