Two Gays Caught Enjoying Themselves in Class Room

The Amasaman District police have apprehended two men believed to be homosexuals who were having unnatural carnal knowledge of each other in a classroom.

The suspects are Benjamin Ashitey, a 23-year-old trader and Gideon Kporzu, a 26-year-old unemployed.

Eyewitness account indicated that the two suspected homosexuals were caught red-handed hiding in one of the classrooms of the Amasaman Cluster of Schools perpetrating the act when the security man on duty spotted them.

The eyewitness said the security man (name withheld) heard an unusual noise of moaning emanating from one of the classrooms which was very dark and decided to find out what was happening.

When he got to the room and switched on his torchlight, he spotted the two suspects in the act.

The two then ran out of the classroom partially naked and attempted to escape but the security man called for help, leading to their arrest.

With the help of two Fire Service personnel, they were handed over to the Amasaman police.

“They are currently in the Amasaman District police custody,” the eyewitness added.

ASP Sebastian Adigiya, the Amasaman District Crime Officer, confirmed the incident to DAILY GUIDE.

They have provisionally been charged with the offence of unnatural carnal knowledge in accordance with the Criminal Offences Act 29/60, section 104(2).

Benjamin Ashitey told DAILY GUIDE in an interview at the police station that even though he was a known homosexual, he has a permanent partner.

“I have a partner but that very day Gideon forced me into the classroom to have sex with me, which was why I was shouting,” he confessed.

He said it was not his intention to engage in the act in the classroom but he was forced to do so, adding, “I was not moaning but rather screaming for help.”



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