Top Ghanaian Spiritualist Kwaku Bonsam Dares T.B. Joshua

The spiritual head of the “Kofi Kofi” shrine, Nana Kwaku Bonsam, has set the tone for what promises to be the re-ignition of a battle of spiritual supremacy between “Men of God” and traditional fetish priests in the country.

This time round, Nana Kwaku Bonsam, who a few years ago became a thorn in the flesh of some pastors in the country, after daring them to a public spiritual contest, is not limiting the competition to his local foes, but has also set sight on other ministries of the Gospel elsewhere in Africa.

The dare-devil fetish priest, who was known in normal life as Stephen Osei Mensah, until he was supposedly bestowed with a spiritual gift from Nananom, is taking the challenge to rather high level, by targeting one of the most prominent pastors on the continent, Pastor Temitope Balogun Joshua, Founder and Leader of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN).

Kwaku Bonsam has dared the celebrated religious leader and his likes to predict the outcome of the historic Supreme Court hearing or give a clue as to who is winning the case, if indeed; they claim to possess powers of the unseen.

The traditional priest says he wants the leader of SCOAN and other so-called Men of God, who are widely acclaimed in Africa and beyond, to give Ghanaians an inkling of the famous case to douse their anxieties and apprehensions, before the nine justice come with their verdict.

Kwaku Bonsam says he is throwing the challenge now, because he does not want a situation whereby some pastors, including TB Joshua, engage in taking credit only after the incident has occurred.

“I am throwing a strong challenge to pastors in Ghana, including TB Joshua, to make their predictions known now, instead of waiting for the outcome, before they come and deceive Ghanaians with bogus recordings, claiming they predicted it; they did so during the elections, and sometimes, when Ghana engages in football competitions,” he observed.

He further stated: “I was not in this country when he (TB Joshua) organized a convention which led to the death of some people. Let him know that I have come, and am ready for him.

Even though the celebrated traditional priest, who recently returned from the United State sporting a new look, having spent one year cooling off in the New York City of Bronx, refused to make any prediction himself.

He told ‘The Chronicle’ in an interview that he was still in spiritual consultation, waiting for what the deities would tell him. The deities are yet to make their positions known on the matter, and would not attempt to make any hasty predictions; but I am surprised why the pastors are quiet on this one, because they have the penchant for engaging in spiritual romance,” Kwaku Bonsam observed.

The popular fetish priest landed on Ghana soil last week Tuesday, and immediately sent a strong warning to local spiritual foes, threaten to expose all those who masquerade as ‘Men of God’, but have their powers from other sources, including from him. He underwent plastic surgery to correct some physical defects on his face, which was a result of a gas explosion.#

Source: The Chronicle


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