Teacher Caught In Bed With 15 years Old Junior High School Student

This teacher was caught sleeping with a 15 years Junior High School student. According to the mother of the student, she notice her daughter was frequently going to the teacher’s place alone and so one day she decided to secretly follow her daughter to see what was happening.

Lo and behold, the mother went to the place and caught her daughter in bed with her school teacher.

The student reveal that, the teacher proposed to her sometime ago and then promise to give good marks for her exams and also give her 20 Ghana cedis every month. These sweet promises convince her to accept his proposal and also allow him to sleep with her any time he wants.

A source told Reportghananews.com that the teachers wants to compensate the mother with an amount of GHc 1000 Ghana cedis to settle the matter is a private arrangement.

This is a very unfortunate situation. It’s very sad that our young people are being taken advantage of by the people they trust, especially in a school of all places.






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