Suspected Witch Confesses

The self-confessed witch carrying her spiritual pot, accompanied by Prophet Owusu Agyemang Prempeh

A rare incident occurred at Akyem Ajobue in the Akyemmansa District of the Eastern Region last Friday when one Prophet Owusu Agyemang Prempeh cast out the demon of a 67-year-old self-confessed witch, Madam Abena Gyisiwaa, aka Alaba, before a large crowd.

The event, which lasted more than three hours, involved the digging out of a pot containing fresh human blood and heart, a life snake, a spear, a locked padlock, three wedding rings as well as old and current Ghanaian currency and US dollars, which were buried about four feet deep in the woman’s residence.

Briefing 10 terrified media practitioners who were among the crowd, Prophet Prempeh, aka Agya Beye, founder and leader of Ebenezer Healing Church of God at Akyem Oda, said about a month ago, the suspected witch, Madam Gyasiwaa, attended his church to challenge him spiritually.

He said during intercessory prayers, Madam Gyasiwaa fell on the floor and pleaded with him to pray for her as she had offended him and God.

Prophet Prempeh said while praying for her, the woman confessed before the entire congregation that she was a queen mother of witches at Ajobue who had come to challenge him to see if really his powers were from God.

The prophet said the woman claimed that she had sent many young witches and wizards to challenge him and as they had all been overpowered, she, being the queen mother, decided to attack him personally with intent to deprive him of his powers, but she was overpowered by the man of God.

Prophet Prempeh stated that Madam Gyasiwaa, therefore, pleaded with him to cast out the demon that had possessed her as she was being tormented by the evil spirit.

He said he therefore, fixed Friday, August 22, 2014, to travel with her to Ajobue to do her wish for her.

Madam Gyasiwaa said her late mother gave her the witchcraft through (fufu) meal when she was a child.

She said since then she had killed over 10 people, including her only son, who was the first victim when he was 15 years old.

According to her, she used the spear kept in the spiritual pot to kill her victims who died after a short illness, adding that the heart belonged to the late son.

She claimed that she sat on the snake at night to fly to all parts of the world, including the USA where she got the US dollars from.

Madam Gyasiwaa said she seized the three wedding rings from her female relatives, which resulted in the collapse of their marriages.

She claimed that she spiritually collapsed the businesses of her only daughter and her husband in Accra, which compelled them to dispose of all their property, including their one-storey house in Accra, which was at the roofing level. She openly apologised to them and asked for forgiveness.

Prophet Prempeh told the journalists that since he started ministerial work at Ebenezer Healing Church of God at Nsuta, a suburb of Nkawkaw over 15 years ago, he had cast over 100 demons from self-confessed witches and wizards at Nkawkaw, Akyem Afosu, Mpraeso, Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi, Oda and Tarkwa.

Source: Daily Guide


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