Six-Storey Melcom Shopping Complex At Achimota-Neoplan Has Collapsed

The Six-Storey Melcom Shopping Complex at Achimota-Neoplan has collapsed. Reports say an unspecified number of persons have been trapped in the rubble, while rescue efforts are under way.

Information reaching us indicate the building was not build with proper material. The Melcom staffs notice some cracks on the building some few weeks ago and reported the issue to management, but nothing was done about it until the building collapsed today.

We tried calling the Melcom Management to find out why poor materials were used in contructing such a storey building, but we were told the Six-Storey Melcom Shopping Complex does not belong to Melcom. Melcom Management says they just rented the building for their business so any information about the building should be directed to the owner of the Six-Storey building. Please express your opinion by posting your comments below.


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