Shatta Wale Eyes Ghana Music Awards?

Since dancehall artiste Shatta Wale ate back his insults and  rendered an apology to Charterhouse at the Ghana Rocks concert last month, many music enthusiasts have been whispering that perhaps there is more to the Shatta Wale apology than meets the eye.

After Shatta Wale failed to win any trophy at the Ghana Music Awards last year, he created such a scene at the event that it took the police to calm him down.

As if that was not enough, he took to social media to say very nasty  things about Charterhouse and topped it up with a diss song.

But speaking to Showbiz last Friday, his manager Bulldog said that, Shatta Wale’s apology to Charterhouse was not because they are looking for an award this year.

According to him, although Shatta Wale had problems with Charterhouse after he failed to win any award last year, the management thought it wise for him to render an apology to Charterhouse since “we were entering into a new year and not because of awards as people are speculating”, Bullhouse said.

Explaining why although Shatta Wale had many opportunities to apologise for his unruly behaviour before the Ghana Rocks Concert, Bulldog said that Shatta Wale did not need permission from any quarters with regard to  the platform on which to apologise but apologising at the Ghana Rock Concert just happened to be the right time to do so.

Bulldog emphasised that Shatta Wale did not need an award to be who he is. “We in the the team have always maintained that  Shatta Wale does not need an award to do good music so whether we get an award or not, we will continue to do good music for our fans and Ghanaians as a whole” .

The manager who believes Shatta Wale worked better than any artiste last year said that should the organisers of the music awards,  Charterhouse recognise them for their hard work and decide to give them an award this year, they would not refuse it.

Source: Graphic Showbiz


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