Scandal Hits Opoku Ware Senior High School In Kumasi

Three Students of Opoku Ware Senior High School In Kumasi has been captured on a video enjoying themselves at a hostel. Due to police investigations, we can’t reveal the names of the two boys and the girl in the video.

The two minutes video captured one of the boys enjoying the girl while the other boy videos it. In the same video, one could hear the two guys laughing and giggling whilst the girl stayed cool for the guy to bonk her.

According to omgghana the two guys are students from Opoku Ware Senior High school and the girl a first year students St. Louis Senior High School. They made mention of their schools in the video where one guy said, ‘The moment you enter Opoku Ware secondary school, evil spirit enters you’  he said so in Twi. We further found out that these are not the only scandals the two boys have engaged in, there are other videos the guys have shot whilst having an intercourse with ladies. The photo you see above is a shot from the video and faces have been blurred for security reasons.


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