Sakawa Boy Uses A Lady For Money Rituals (More Photos)

A 23 years old lady (name withheld) met her untimely death when her newly found rich boyfriend decided to use her for money rituals.

According to information¬† gathered by reportghananews.com, the lady is known for dating only boys with cars. She intentionally target Sakawa boys to enable her get more money. If you don’t own a car then she will never date you.

On this faithful day, her rich boyfriend came to pick her up so that they will go and enjoy themselves. After about a week, the lady has still not gotten home and so her family became worried. All her phones were switched off. All effort to reach her proved futile.

The brother of the lady finally spotted the sakawa boy riding in town and he immediately stop him to enquire about her sister, but then the boy got out of the car and run away.

When the car was searched, they found the young lady in the boot of the car with a snake. It is sad, but then some young ladies like money too much.



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