Reggie Rockstone Denies Confusion in VVIP’s camp

Grandfather of hiplife and the latest addition of VIP,  Reggie Rockstone has debunked allegations that there is confusion in the camp of VVIP in terms of their stage act.

Earlier this week, Flex newspaper reported that there is confusion in the camp of VVIP in their stage act.

According to the story, when the group is on stage, Reggie Rockstone does not contribute in performing songs recorded by Zeal and Prodigal and when Rockstone is performing, the other two do not also contribute to performing Reggie’s songs. This according to the writer suggests confusion in the camp.

Speaking on AM Pluzz, Reggie Rockstone in a telephone conversation denied the allegation, stating that the story was written just to sell the paper.

He went on to describe the story as needless and sensational. According to the hiplife icon, whatever they do on stage is what they planned to do.

Reggie Rockstone affirmed that the group is still intact and strong. There is no confusion whatsoever in the camp of VVIP.

Source: vibesin5


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