My Man, My Business: Jessica Won’t Say Who

One thing radio presenter Jessica Opare-Saforo does not do is kiss and tell. She appears determined not to let the public know who the man in her life is and the celebrity media seem to have no clue.

Ever since Jessica became a radio presenter 14 years ago, a lot has been said about her relationships including one wild guess that she is lesbian. Even that has not drawn her into talking about her man.

Jessica told Showbiz last Monday, “I don’t believe in celebrities publicly displaying their love-affairs because it attracts attention. If you make your lover known and the relationship doesn’t work out, how do you explain to your admirers?   It is better as a celebrity to keep your love affair away from the public because you can never tell who is working against you”

Citing an example of Eazzy and Keitta, Promzy and Bomaye whose relationship never materialised  after making it public, Jessica said “this is one of the reasons I prefer to keep my love-life  private. Immediately I make him known, I expose him to other women who properly don’t wish me well. My enemies will do whatever it takes not to make the relationship work when he is in the public domain, people talk too much and are quick to do anything to destroy you”

Now the challenge Jessica has at hand is convincing men who have been trying to win her heart that she is engaged for real. According to her, because she has kept her man from the public, it makes it difficult for her to convince the men knocking at her door it is a no no for them.

“I have been able to convince some of them that  I am engaged but there are still others who do not want to give up no matter what I do because they haven’t seen a ring on my finger.

“­­Currently, there are about five stubborn ones who are still hoping something good will come their way which I doubt,” she said.

Asked how she would react should her man request they make their love- affair public, Jessica  said her man understands her so much that  he would do no such thing.  She described her man as a simple man who understands her and is not worried by what she does.

Reacting to comments that people say she is “too known”, Jessica who admitted she used to be worried about such comments revealed that she is not moved by those comments since she cannot satisfy everyone.

According to her, she hears it on daily basis that she is “too known” and that is simply because those who make such comments do not really know her.

“Few people who took their time to get close to me realised I am different from what they thought I was. But whatever anyone thinks of me  is my back case because no one feeds me”

As to why anyone would say she is “too known”, Jessica said it might be because she hardly attend entertainment programmes and honours invitations by her friends.

About her tom-boy character which many are not comfortable with, Jessica said “I grew up with my brother whom I learnt so many things from. He taught me how to play football and other male related games”

“I was a tom-boy because I did sports especailly the ones which were the preserve of males. You should see me in secondary school when I was the Sports Prefect. I was virtually a man because I rolled with the guys and did all sports meant for guys but now work would not even allow me to do so now” she said.

Away from her personal life, Jessica who has been the Programmes Manager at Citi FM for five years said one difficult thing she is battling with as a radio presenter is  how to continue making herself relevant after 14 years. “Radio evolves and people easily get tired listening to one particular thing over a period of time”, she said.

Jessica started her radio career with Choice FM and then moved to Vibe FM in 2000. She later moved to Citi FM in 2005 and has since hosted Traffic Avenue from Monday to Friday between 2pm to 5pm.  She is also the host of Sister Sister every  Thursdays from 6pm to 7pm.

She won Best Female Personality and Best Mid Morning Show Host at the Radio and Television Personality Awards last year and Best Female Radio DJ at the DJ Awards.

Aside work, Jessica has a private company The Voice Ova, where she trains people with raw voice.  Her wish is to train different people to have command over their languages be it  Ewe, Twi, Ga, Hausa, French and English.

Jessica attended Akosombo International School and then University of Ghana, majoring in Economics and Psychology.

Source: Daily Graphic



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