Mother Jumps From 3rd Floor Balcony After Her Daughter Refused To Break Up With ‘lazy’ Boyfriend

A single mother from China tried to kill herself after her daughter refused to break up with her boyfriend.

Su Liu, 45, threw herself from the third floor of an apartment block in the city of Sichuan after trying and failing to get 18-year-old daughter Tingting to break up with boyfriend Fang Shu, 26.

According to police, Mrs Liu disapproved of Fang, who Tingting met on the internet, because he is ‘lazy and reluctant to work’.

Mrs Liu has lived alone with Tingting in Chengdu city ever since she divorced the girl’s father six years ago.But since leaving school several months ago, Tingting left the family home and moved into a rented apartment with Fang.

Despite Mrs Liu ‘strongly objecting’ to the match, Tingting carried on with the relationship.According to a Police official

On June 2, the day of the local Dragon Boat Festival, Liu found the rented room in which her daughter and the man have lived together for the past several months.

Liu demanded that they break up their affair, but after her attempts failed she threatened to kill herself by jumping off the building.

Tingting and her boyfriend stopped Liu and locked her in a secure room, but when they left she managed to get out and jumped out of the third floor window.

‘Only the plants and grass saved her life,’ said a police spokesman.  Her daughter says she is caring for her mother and hopes she can ‘change her mind’ about Fang.



Source: Dailymail UK



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