Men Don’t Only Want Sex! (Discover What Else They Want)


It’s true. Men don’t only want sex in the relationship.

Most of the women mistakenly believe that, for making a man happy, they need to provide sex. A lot of sex. Because, according to them, sex is the only thing that keeps a man interested in them.

Well, I have a question here for those women. If sex is the only thing that keeps a man interested in a woman then, why there are millions of breakups every year? Why thousands of books are published on relationship issues? And, why marriage counselling has become a rich business?

Surprisingly, there is one interesting statistic which shows that around 84% of women have sex to make their man to do more things according to their wishes. Now, if we look at this statistic from another perspective, then it clearly shows that sex isn’t everything. Most of the women are constantly providing sex to their man, but they are still facing problems in their relationship. Their man is still leaving them for another woman, or taking no interest in the relationship.

In a way, this statistic clearly proves that sex isn’t everything. And, men don’t only want sex in the relationship… Sex doesn’t make a man love you, and It doesn’t connect your man with you on a deep emotional level.

Sex is not what he wants, it’s what he needs. Most of the women mistakenly assume that for making a man fall in love with them, they only need to provide sex. Those women don’t get that, like food and sleep, men need sex on a constant basis. Sex is their need. It’s not what they want. It’s impossible to ignite the feelings of love in their hearts through sex.

That’s why, for keeping a man in love, you need to fulfill his wants. His wants are connected with his emotional side. Once you fulfill his wants, you dominate his feelings completely and keep him by your side forever.

Now, I am not saying that sex has no importance. Of course, it has immense importance. But, all I am saying is that you shouldn’t solely focus on the sex for making your relationship happy. You need to focus on those areas too that keep the love alive in the heart of your man and create feelings of warmth and love in the relationship.

If you are thinking what else men want in a relationship, and what keeps them in love, then let me tell you.

It’s your “Rich Mind”.

A man always wants a rich minded woman in his life. Because, a woman with a rich mind creates an independent life. She knows that happiness, love, and romance are independent things. They can be created anytime and anywhere. And, she doesn’t need money, or some specific situations, for bringing these things into her relationship.

Therefore, she gleans the best moments of her life. She focuses on creating happy patterns in the relationship. She upgrades her life, and her relationship, continuously. She finds happiness in the moments of progress, and doesn’t wait for some specific time.

According to her, “You get more of what you focus on.” So, she completely focuses on positivity and happiness. She values what she already has. And, as a result, she feels rich from inside. She enjoys every moment. And, a positive, happy aura always surrounds her.

And, men feel this!

They are always attracted to this kind of rich minded woman.

If you notice romantic movies closely, you’ll get that the heroine always has a rich mind. She’s a symbol of positivity and happiness. The writers, and the movie directors, put a magical spark in her personality by showing her ‘Rich Mind’. And, consequently, men live for that spark.

When she appears, love touches the skies, happiness beams brightly, and sex happens with the highest intensity. And, viewers (men) fall in love with her totally.

So… “Act like how you want to be. Feel like how you want to feel. Focus on the positive side of your relationship. Glean the happy moments of your relationship. Be thankful for everything you already have. Enjoy the taste of your coffee. Hear the beautiful chirps of birds. Laugh with open heart on silly moments. Smile often. And, become a mellifluous lady.”

Just remember, it all starts in the mind. If your mind is positive, happy, and grateful, then it means your mind is rich, and you’ll attract your man incessantly. He’ll become romantic. He’ll start respecting you. And, he’ll always make an effort to make you happy.

The honest emotions of love will emerge. Sex will become meaningful. And, the spark of the relationship will never fizzle.

Source:  Bill A Hamilton beingelite.com/blog

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