Married Man And His Secret Lover Found Dead In A Swimming Pool At Hotel

It is alleged this young man called Komba was married with two young children, but his wife was not enough for him so he decided to have an affair with a 22 years old young lady called Josephine who a nursing student.

The lady was celebrating her birthday that faithful day and so the married man decided to take her away to a luxury hotel to celebrate her birthday. A source told Reportghananews.com that the married man told the wife he was traveling to the village to see his mother.

Whiles they were at the hotel, the pair decided to swim in the pool, but one of them ran into trouble and the other one tried to rescue which cause both of them to drown.

A guest at the hotel saw the pair floating in the indoor pool but presumed they were playing a game and went back to his room. When the guest got back to the pool he saw they were face down in the water and called the police. The pair were pronounced dead at the scene.

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