Lydia Forson Insults A Fan For Calling Her “Obolo”

Lydia Forson is quite the articulate celebrity. Her opinions on trending current issues often make the news because she raises great points.

As a celebrity, having to deal with fans exceeding their boundaries is a daily hazard. In the haste to show affection to their idols, some people move far beyond the realm of what is appropriate.

But there’s that, and then there’s just being plain disrespectful.

Lydia Forson on Monday morning took to her Facebook page to chronicle an unpleasant encounter with a fan at a movie theatre.

According to Forson, the fan walked up to her and despite behaving in an overly familiar way, she tried being civil to him…until he passed a derogatory comment about her weight.

She then gave him an epic putdown. In narrating the incident, she talked about the need for Ghanaians to understand boundaries, and to realise that celebrities are just normal human beings who can have emotional responses to issues.

Read her rant below and tell us what you think.

When I say some people have no boundaries in this country they think I’m exaggerating.

But the truth is a lot of people don’t respect boundaries. If you’re polite or allow people into your space they automatically try to get overly familiar with you , and think it’s ok to speak out of turn.

Last night I went to watch a movie at the mall, and this guy behind the counter screamed my name with authority. You would think we were friends or he was my dad. Usually I don’t mind people calling me in public, it’s always nice to wave and chat with fans when they recognize you. But I think we can all agree that no one like to have their name called like they owe a person.

Anyway so this guy was already irritating me by his attitude but I played it cool.

I’m not a huge fan of fizzy drinks ie sodas etc. And when I do have it I like the coke zero, light or any of the low sugar ones. So I complained to the attendant that I hadn’t seen any of those drinks in a while.

He pointed at sobolo, which I do like and also showed me another version with lemon in it. I love lemonade so I immediately asked for a bottle.

From no where this other guy says he’s glad I took the lemon cuz with my size I need it.

Cue “someone’s going to die music”

Anyway I put on my “you’re gonna have it face ” and asked what made him think he had the right to make that comment?

Clearly he didn’t see what he had done was wrong. So I educated him on boundaries and how he had no right to even be overly friendly with me let alone comment on my size, health or any part of my body.

Again he clearly wasn’t getting it, but see I have a rule, that if someone disrespects you or says something to you that you find offensive, deal with it immediately or you will go home and be thinking about how you could have or would have.

I will check you there and then!!

So in that spirit I asked him how he would feel if I said “you look like you will have a weak di**k, and I think you should drink some joy daddy”.

The look on his face showed my point had sunk in, and if not had made him feel as disrespected as he tried to make me feel.

I knew as I walked away he would probably insult me or cuss me out, but I don’t care much. I was glad to be going to bed with a smile on my face and not feeling put down by anyone.

They will attempt to say I’m rude or that I shouldn’t have reacted at all, but I think a lot of people stupidly think water flows through my veins and not blood. If you’re bold enough to come at me, be bold enough to receive whatever I give you.

If you measure me by a moral compass that you don’t use then you’re brain dead.

Always remember this, having boundaries doesn’t mean you don’t have a right to an opinion, but that you respect that you don’t have the right to impose it on anyone.

meanwhile Mr. Man what’s it to you kraaa about my size eh? I wasn’t built for you, and the people I was made for don’t have a problem so why should you?

On this note I wish everyone a joy daddy day.. ‪#‎peaceout‬

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