Listen To All The Diss Songs – Sarkodie In Trouble For Dissing Manifest GTP Clothes

Sarkodie thought he was untouchable until he went for the wrong meat. He dissed Manifest on a track and got more than what he bargain for.

Manifest replied with an uppercut diss track which got everyone talking. Instead of moving on, Sarkodie quickly rush to release another diss track. This time around, he mocked Manifest for wearing GTP clothes.

This Sarkodie guy has been hitting hard on the President for not creating enough jobs for the youth, but then he rubbishes GTP clothes. Does he know how many jobs the GTP brand creates.

If he really care about creating jobs for the youth then he should start wearing Ghana made outfit to events. The more he wears Ghana made outfits, the more Ghanaians will also patronize them, thereby creating more jobs for the youth in Ghana.

Listen To All The Diss Songs


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