Lesbian Attacked By Her Own Friends In Kumasi

A lady suspected to be a lesbian was brutally attacked by her own friends during a marriage ceremony at Kumasi in the Ashanti region.

According to an eyewitness account, the lady, Abiba Abiba Addul, was beaten to pulp until she felt into a gutter. On top of that, they stripped her naked and then left her lying in a pool of blood. They only stopped beating her when they thought she had died.

A motorcycle rider who knew the lady had to quickly carry her on his bike to her home. When the mob found out she was still alive, they decide to move to her home, but then someone informed her family about the mob’s intentions and she was quickly taken out of the house to a hidden location.

The leader of mob, Rasheed Abu, told ReportGhanaNews.com in an interview:

“She has refused to marry any man in our neighborhood because of her abominable character. We don’t want her in our neighborhood. We will hunt her down and teach her a good lesson”

If the Police don’t protect this lady, she will eventually be killed. Muslims in Ghana must learn to tolerate homosexuals in their midst.


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