Kenyan Maid Caught Using Urine To Cook For Her Boss Family

Social media is on fire over the news of a 19 – year old woman who was earlier this month arrested, for using her urine to cook for the family she works for as a maid.

The maid who said she was maltreated by her boss’ family took vengeance on the entire household by using her own urine to prepare meals for the household without them knowing.

A Kenyan website, Modern Kenyan Corps, reports the girl was caught by a hidden camera installed in the house by her boss to monitor her activities in their absence.

According to the report, the Mombasa based family’s decision to have the camera installed, was influenced by news of homeowners catching their helps in cruel and absurd acts in their absence.

“They were shocked to see the girl urinating in a pot of soup she was preparing.”

She confessed to Mombasa police her actions are in vengeance for being maltreated by the family.


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