‘Juju’ Scandal Hits Kwabena Kwabena

There has been a massive shake up in silky voice Highlife Singer Kwabena Kwabena’s management and Nkonkonsa can reveal on authority that ‘juju’ is the reason for this sudden shake up.

A source close to the “Adult Music” singer has disclosed to Nkonkonsa that few weeks ago Kwabena Kwabena had a shock of his life in his own house.

According to the source, Kwabena Kwabena who is a strong Christian, from time to time, goes for prayers and spiritual guidance from his spiritual fathers when he is in Ghana and the last time he had this encounter, it was revealed that a member of his management has gone through some rituals for Kwabena Kwabena to favor him and listen to him more than the other members of his management.

The source who spoke to Nkonkonsa on condition of anonymity, said the ‘juju’ worked on Kwabena Kwabena for some time but it didn’t last. “At some point, Kwabena Kwabena was not listening to anybody and nobody’s opinion mattered to him apart from that person but now it all over”.

The source disclosed that one of Kwabena’s spiritual fathers who is a pastor had a revelation that some evil things had been buried at Kwabena Kwabena’s private residence. Kwabena followed directions from the man of God and low and behold he found a black pot containing several scary items buried on his compound.

Even though the source refused to mention the name of the particular person, Nkonkonsa gather that Kelvin Poku Boateng CEO of Home Proud Ltd was the leader of Kwabena’s management team supported by Nana Opoku Ashes of Lovinggh.com and Nelson but at the time of filing this report all three of them were no longer strong part of his management like they used to.

We gather that Kwabena Kwabena is now under the management of a brand management, advertising, marketing, production and public relations Company, Fab Links.

Kwabena Kwabena has released a new single “Ensesa” and launched his new website Kbkbmusik.com under his new management. Kwabena Kwabena and his new management are also preparing for his annual “Save A Heart” charity concert and the launch of his new album.

Source: Nkonkonsa


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