Is Nana Boroo’s Accident and Death Rumour a Publicity Stunt?

News broke yesterday morning January 6, 2014 that Hiplife artiste Nana Boroo may have died or may be in very critical condition after a reported fatal accident in America but the details were scanty.

Peace FM’s prime time News at 12 was first to break the news on air stating that one Gloria had placed a call to the newsroom whiles they were preparing for the 12 o’clock news to reveal the shocking information adding to rumours on social media.

According to the news team Gloria who introduced herself as a Ghanaian living in America and someone close to Nana Boroo agreed to speak on air in the News to confirm the information but interestingly, Gloria refused to answer her phone when it time for her to speak on air.

However, it was still reported in the news as unconfirmed report after efforts to reach any member of his family proved futile, that “Hiplife musician Nana Boroo (real name Nana Osei Bonsu) of “Aha yede” fame was involved in a horrific car accident feared to have taken his life far away in America. According to a source Nana Boroo’s car got damaged beyond repairs as a result of the clash, adding that it would be a miracle for any of the occupants to survive, even though the source couldn’t confirm if Nana Baroo was alive or not”.

After the news bulletin, Peacefmonline made several contacts to a number of people close to the musicians including friends and family members but nobody is ready to give out any information and this raised some suspicions. The said Gloria who revealed the information has also refused to answer her phone since yesterday till now.

It’s been almost 24 hours since the news broke out yet no family member, management member or any closed associate to Nana Boroo has come out to confirm or deny such serious information and funny enough, there has still not been a single word from the umbrella body for Ghanaian musicians; Musician Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), known for officially denying or confirming such sensitive information about musicians over the years.

After probing into the entire Nana Boroo death rumors within the past 24hours, it appears there is absolutely no truth in the matter. Peacefmonline’s investigation has revealed there was no accident and Nana Boroo is still alive and kicking. The whole thing turns out to be perhaps a ridiculous publicity stunt and ploy to seek attention for the one song hit maker who has been in hibernation for about three years now.

A source in America and musician in Ghana who spoke to Peacefmonline this morning disclosed that Nana Boroo who has been in America for over six months now, is planning on returning to Ghana early this year to release a number of singles so he may have allegedly fueled the death rumor to give him some attention ahead of his return to Ghana.

A similar incident happened in Ghana some years back when Ofori Amponsah connived with a newspaper to fake his death which later turned out to be publicity stunt to release a new album.

Otherwise, why is Nana Boroo not saying anything if indeed the rumors are not true and if he knows nothing about it? Which family will remain silent after a popular member is rumored to have died?
Well the silence is obviously supposed to keep the rumor buzzing but if he is truly alive, how long can he remain silent?

Only Time will tell!

Source: Peacefmonline


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