I’m Minding My Business – John Dumelo

John Dumelo’s supposed wife, Alexander Dembele, who is based in the US, has said that she is coming to Ghana to serve John his divorce papers.

This sudden re-ignition of the long running sags between John and Alexander appear to have been caused by a photo of John and a nice looking lady that appeared on websites after the live recording of Channel O News in Accra a fortnight ago.

“This is Mrs. Harrina Alexander”, she wrote to Dumelo’s friend, Ameyaw Debrah. “I am writing to you because you seem to be a very close friend to John. Tell your friend that since he has this new old looking woman in Ghana. I will serve his divorce papers this month in Ghana.

I will be in Ghana to serve his papers with my lawyer since he refuses to cooperate with me. Let us see who is telling the truth in all this useless saga!! No matter how many women he carries around he still has a wife. …. please relate my message to your friend” the message read.

But speaking with Showbiz last week, John Dumelo was rather hesitant to comment on the issue because as he put it, he “has moved on”. “I don’t want to talk about this issue again because I have moved on with my life. I have very viable ventures that I am engaged in and would not worry my head over someone who wants divorce for a ‘ghost’ marriage. A marriage that never existed.

“Ghana is a free country and there is no restriction of movement so she is always welcome to the country but for me as a person, I don’t want to be drawn into such unnecessary distractions when I am at the peak of my career and life. That issue is past and I want it to remain so” he said.

He told Showbiz that he is engaged in many ventures like the shooting of his Reality Show which will soon hit the TV screens and was as well making preparations towards the opening of his hotel next month.

He said he had even started classes for his Acting Academy School and was engaged in shooting movies which has kept him in a busy schedule. “I’m working on all these things and I have to worry myself over issues like these. No way, I need to be very focus at this stage of my life”.

He said that he was even surprised to read online that the lady he was spotted with the Channel O Live recordings was tagged as his new found love when indeed she was an old friend he met at the show.

He debunked a suggestion that his public admiration has waned following the many negative stories about him this year. “My fan base is still strong. I think it has even increased because the number of mails I used to get has increased. I have come to know that a lot of people look up to me as their role models so I must not let them down” he said.

Source: Graphic Showbiz


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