I’m a good Christian, I don’t smoke or drink – Promzy (V.I.P.)

Promzy, the “crazy” member of the VIP music trio has said that he does not give a damn about how people describe him. “I’m often seen as a rowdy person but that is me.

When you say something or do something I’m not comfortable with, I tell you my mind straight away even if it would end up in a fight.

He told Showbiz last week that everyone was born different and that is his lifestyle and if anyone is not happy with it the fellow can go and “burn the sea”. “The thing is I am not a hypocrite, I wouldn’t smile with you when I know you have wronged me. I hate hypocrites and people who are close to me know it” Promzy said.

He described himself as a good Christian who doesn’t smoke or drink because he knows it was not good for his health.

“I can be very nice. Being straight and speaking my mind does not make me a bad person. It is better you let people know who you are than hide your real character. When you are real, people accept you but when you are fake, people get shocked when they see you do certain things they don’t expect from you. I hate hypocrites. In fact hypocrites cannot come close to me” he said.

Recently, during the filming of their latest music video, My Area, Promzy jumped from a first floor height and landed hard on a nearby roof and had to be rushed to the hospital in time to receive treatment. He explained when he recovered that he jumped deliberately because he wanted that particular scene in the video where the police was after him to look real and he wanted to do something out of the ordinary.

Contrary to public speculation that the rapper was high he said he wasn’t. “I heard people say I went to smoke and that made me high. No I don’t smoke, I don’t drink”, he said. Asked what makes people think he is rowdy, Promzy said maybe it is because of the tattoo he wore or the way he vibrated on stage.

He explained to Showbiz that as a musician who joined VIP many years ago “I need to be very active for my fans to feel me. I have never gotten drunk or smoked before coming on stage. I don’t need those to make me perform well. ”. Promzy said he should have been working in an office having graduated from Accounting School but music just wouldn’t allow him. Obviously his choice of career has brought good results.

The VIP group has enjoyed a good number of hit songs from nine albums, these include Daben na Odo Beba, Bibi Baa O, Ahomka Womu, Fellow Me, Away, Obaa Sweetie, Besen, Sisi Na Adee Wom, My Love, Mane Nko and I Think I Like Am. The VIP trio Promzy, Zeal formerly (Lazzy) & Prodigal revolutionised the genre of Hiplife music with the energetic party vibe they brought to the music scene, and by blending musical influences from highlife, hiphop and traditional African music, they became one of the most innovative musicians of the genre.

Over the years, the group has entertained patrons with amazing performances. The band’s debut album Bibi Baa O was a hit among hiplife listeners and paved the way to the release of even more radical albums such as Yede Aba (2000), Lumbe Lumbe Lumbe (2002) and Ahomka Womu (2004). In recording their music,the group has tried to keep it real by choosing words and lyrics that inspire and are practically related to the challenges that young people face in Africa.

In 2004 VIP set a record by receiving five awards at the Ghana Music Awards, and in doing so, broke the myth in 2011 by winning Artistes of The Year. Further to this memorable achievement, another notable moment in VIP history was their appointment as Ambassadors of West Africa.The impact of their music has reached such great heights that the United Nations designated the group to perform at two consecutive Peace and Reconciliation concerts in the war torn countries of Liberia and Sierra Leone.

The group has also appeared in several international hit singles such as My Love with Nigerian artiste 2 Face Idibia and Two Women with Tony Tetula. Other international music collaborations include the Swatta Camp of South Africa, Awadi of Senegal and Juliet Endee of Liberia.

Source: Graphic Showbiz


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