Human Skull Found In Akatsi Public Toilet

The human skull was found by labourers who had been contracted by the District Assembly to empty the public toilets that were full in the area. The skull, which was found around 7am, attracted a mammoth crowd which expressed mixed reactions about the incident.According to witnesses, the public toilet had been full to capacity for a while now hence making it inconvenient to use.

As a result, labourers started working on the public toilet since last Thursday when they began digging a manhole into which they intended to transfer the human excreta from the main latrine.
It was when they were about it that the skull was found in the pit last Sunday morning. They initially thought it was the bone of an animal and after watching it closely, they realised it was a human skull.
The assembly member of the area, John Hudo, was informed and after verifying the object reported the matter to the police. A source close to the police at Akatsi told dailyguide that the skull had been retrieved and statements of some key persons were being taken to help in investigations.

Some elderly people in the vicinity who spoke to dailyguide indicated that the there could be other parts in the latrine since the skull alone could not have been dumped in it. Others also believed that it could have been done for ritual purposes. Another group also suspected that the skull might belong to a thief who might have been mobbed to death.

The assembly member of the Akatsi Tatorme electoral area, John Hude noted on a local radio station in Ho, US Fm that this was not the first time a human part have been found in that same latrine.
According to him, four years ago, a body was buried near the same latrine which led to the beefing up of security in the area.

Currently most of the women in the area have resolved not to use the said public toilet out of fear while others had refused for superstitious reasons. The men, however, are indifferent about the incident and had indicated they had no problem using the toilet.

Source: Daily Guide

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