How To Text a Girl – Real Texting Examples

Getting a pretty girl’s attention can be difficult for some guys especially through text. Not all people have the skills to make someone fall for them through words. For that reason, some guys end up having no dates despite their efforts. As they say, girls are complex when it comes to emotions because they tend to change their moods every now and then. If you are a guy who is eager to create a good image on your first text message to a girl, here are some tips based on personal experience.

Appreciate Her

You might be wondering how to flirt with a girl over text. It is possible and even better to flirt through text because you can express your admiration without being scrutinized if you are saying the truth or not. Most girls want to analyze men’s honesty even during initial meeting so flirting through text is like having an invisible shield. Based on experience, girls love being appreciated so this is the first move that every guy should know. Although most girls would react a bit defensive or would give a cold shoulder for the praises, they still prefer guys who appreciate them for what they are especially when it comes to little things. For instance, if you want to create a positive impression without sounding too smooth, you can tell her how you like her smile, the color of her dress, her earrings or even the way she combs her hair.

Show Your Concern

Girls are sensitive and emotional. They immediately react to things that hit their hearts. If you want to develop rapport to a girl, you can shower her with texts that show concern. Examples of which tons of good mornings, sweet good nights and a couple of how are yous.

Things to Remember

Always remember that not all girls are easy to get. However, there is always a way to crack a girl’s code. Flirting with girls does not mean that you have to look like Johnny Bravo. You just need to be observant on things that they like and strike them there. Girls always like to be admired so you have to make sure that you always express your liking for them if you want to get their attention. As soon as you make their defense walls weak, you are sure to get their trust which will soon lead them to respond positively to you.

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