How to Talk To a Woman On the Phone – Making That First Call

It feels amazing when you see a woman who is absolutely beautiful and you are able to get her to hand over her digits. You feel like you are on top of the world, like you could do just about anything you wanted to. And then… you come down a bit when you get home and you realize that you still have to make that first phone call. You know that just getting her number is not enough, not if you want the story to play out a little more.

You are going to have to make a good impression and that makes you feel a little bit nervous. You don’t want to say anything stupid that will make her think your just some goof. You don’t want to say anything that is going to offend her, cause all she has to do is hang up on you and you’ll have lost her. You want things to go smoothly so that you can escalate things enough where you can get that first date with her.

Making that first call is important, it can be a bit stressful and make you feel a little insecure. It has to be done though.


Trying to be someone you are not is never a good thing to do. Not if you want to make a good impression and you want things to go smoothly. So, if you are not the kind of guy who can spit poetic verses at the drop of a dime, don’t even bother trying.

You really don’t have to.

Think of the first call as a way to re-establish that connection that she must have felt with you when she handed you her phone number. Think of it as being a way to build on that connection to the point that she wants a little more. You don’t have to completely win her over just yet. You just have to create some kind of anticipation inside of her so that she’ll be inclined to agree when you ask her to meet up with you.


For most guys, trying to keep the conversation brief is going to be a good thing. It can’t be too brief, you need time to build up her anticipation. On the other hand, going too long can be a bad thing. You don’t want her to be excited to hear from you and excited about the chance to hang out with you again… only to end up bored with you because you don’t know when to hang up.

Calling up a woman that has just given you her number for the first time can be an interesting experience, but as long as you don’t try to come across as someone who you are not, or try to make it last too long – you should be able to find a way to escalate things just enough that you can ask her out and have her say yes to you.

You have to be able to make good conversation with women if you are going to get good at getting dates and that does include the phone talk.

Source: Chris G. Tyler geturgirl.com


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