How to talk to a lady For The First Time

There is a saying that, ”if at first you don’t succeed, try again”. This means that success will not come to you on the silver platter unless you really go through hard work and perseverance.

So to talk to the girl you really like for the first time requires boldness and tactful to arouse her interest. Many guys find it difficult to break the silence and talk, because they entertain some fear of rejection. You may face rejection or unfriendly response but that shouldn’t be a problem, if only and only if you persevere until you finally break the silence.

When you approach a girl you want, you have to be flexible and wear a sweet smile on your face and show some friendly attitude. You also have to be straight forward and tactful in your first presentation. You do not have to talk too much, boast and show your ego, but try to be humble and romantic. Since this is the first time of talking to her, you also have to create a friendly and positive attitude for her to like you. A little bit of humour will create the friendly atmosphere you actually need to get acquainted to each other fast.

When talking to her, you don’t have to draw too close to her, not for the first time. Just a little space between you and her will do, since you don’t know each other until that first day. You shouldn’t hug or embrace her until after you have been able to win her to your side.

You must keep your distance and appear very neat and sweet to generate her interest to talk to you. You know first impression always counts a lot and so you must be very straight forward and honest in your delivery instead of fumbling. This will enable her to trust you and finally give her heart to you.You must also allow the girl some breathing space for her to express her self but not try to be domineering or authoritative on her.

Be very careful not to tell her about your past relationship. This will actually discourage her from talking to you or wanting to enter into any relationship with you. You only have to go straight to the point and introduce yourself first with a warm smile and positive body language that will entice her to respond.

Shyness may come since this is your first attempt in talking to her, but you must try to overcome that feeling and master courage to do the talking.

You must also be mindful of what you say and not blow out your horn to impress her. This will put her off most especially when she is an introvert and wouldn’t like to date a talkative. This will give you the confidence to know exactly whether she actually wants to be your friend or not.

So talking to a girl you want for the first time demands some tactful and gentle approach to win her interest and positive response.

Source: Fred Kodzo Fianu fredfricky.blogspot.com

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