How to Meet and Talk to Eligible Men

One of the biggest challenges many single women face is how to begin a conversation with someone new. Perhaps it’s been awhile since you’ve even met someone new, so let’s start there.

Set a goal to meet at least 5 new people every week. Why? Well, because if you’re stuck in a routine, you may never get a chance to meet your Mr. Right. Often you need to go to new places and try new things to meet someone you could be really interested in. You never know where he is or where you might meet him.

So, how do you do this? First, think of three men you most admire and ask yourself why you admire them so much. Then try to imagine if these men were single where they would go and what they would do? How could you also be in the places your Mr. Right might naturally be?

For example, if your Mr. Right is a successful business person he is likely interested in business or financial seminars. Can you attend something like this? Perhaps your Mr. Right is someone who likes to travel or who drives a nice car. You could go to a travel expo or car show. If your Mr. Right is physically fit, he could be spending time at the gym working out. Could you be at the gym before or after business hours? Even meeting other women is beneficial because they may know an eligible single man to introduce you to. If you think about where your ideal man might be, you can increase your chances of meeting him.

What is the best way to start a conversation with someone new once you do meet them? I find the very easiest way is to ask a simple, innocuous question. Something like, “Excuse me, do you know the time?” or “Excuse me, have you heard the weather report for this weekend?” A question like this is safe and often creates an opening for further conversation.

You are not coming on to someone by asking a question like this and most people like to feel they are helping you out. You may make a new friend or even find a deeper connection. Are you willing to give it a try?

Source: Michelle Marchant Johnson LoveLifeCoaching.com


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