How To Make Him Miss You Like Crazy

Ever wondered why your boyfriend takes you for granted and just does not give you the attention that you deserve? More often than not, the answer is easy! As a woman madly in love, you have made yourself available to him emotionally and he does not get the chance or even the opportunity to miss you! If this is the case with you, read on to find out the best ways to make him miss you like crazy, so that he is forced to come back to you again and again.

Price yourself high

When you are just starting out in a relationship, the ground rule is not to put yourself out there all at once. Men get baffled with a mysterious woman and end up chasing them. So don’t be an open book all at once; reveal yourself slowly. Don’t ignore him or anything, but just tell him enough to get him interested to know more and more about you. Besides, don’t agree to every date he sets out. Make some cancellations or, better still, do not agree to last minute stroppy dates! This will make him miss you like crazy.

Have your own life

The moment a woman gets into a relationship, she starts behaving as if the man is the be all and end all of her life! Now, why should that be the case? Have a life of your own and keep hanging out with who you used to. I’m not saying that you should not give extra attention to your man, but do not be in his face all the time. If he knows that he has limited access to your time, he is more likely to miss you when you are not around and make that extra attempt to savour every moment that he has with you!

The fights

Fights are inevitable in any relationship and there will be times when you think that you are really getting onto each others’ nerves! But soon after, you realize that the reason you fought was silly and you need to make up. But beware girls! If you want to know how to make a man miss you more, just know that always rushing to be the first one to make up is never a good idea! Let him realize at times that he is the one who has goofed up; that’s the perfect way to make him miss you and want you back real bad!

Say no to disrespect

Sometimes, men can be really hurtful and chauvinistic. If you see that there has come a stage in your relationship where he is insulting or disrespecting you, just walk away. Don’t scream and rant, just walk away with your dignity and do not make any contact with him. If you remain stern, he will not only realize that he is missing you like crazy, he will be too scared to do any such thing in the future!

All of these are methods that have been tried and tested by ladies, so you can be sure this is some of the best advice you will get on how to make him miss you!

Source: Marlon Raye relationshiploveadvice.net

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