How To Get A Woman To Sleep With You

How to get a women to sleep with you is a question a lot of men find themselves thinking about. There are numerous factors that determine whether a woman will sleep with you, and this post will explore some of the major ones that influence a woman’s decision.

1. If She Is Horny.

A major influence in the decision making process of whether a woman will sleep with you or not, is whether she is in the mood. Many factors influence female sexuality. The moment of time she is in, in reference to her biological cycle, or her “menstrual cycle” plays a large role, with her sexuality more pronounced the closer she is to ovulation. This coincides with an increase in her feelings of horniness toward males that she considers “sex only” partners and not boyfriend material. This is the window of opportunity that also opens when she is more receptive to other male’s advances, even if she has a boyfriend.

So in the case of dating women and trying to sleep with them, it’s better to put your effort into finding girls that are “red-hot” into you, rather than trying to wait for girls that are “lukewarm” to finally have that sexual window open for you. So make sure you make best use of your time, and find those girls that are ready to be seduced by you.

2. Is She Getting Some Already?

When a woman decides she wants to sleep with you, her absence of sex will play a role in this decision. It is natural for women to want to sleep with a guy they have been with before, such as a booty call or an ex-boyfriend. However if she is really into you, AND you have met her in the sexual window of opportunity then you can go full steam ahead.

If a woman is already “getting some”, then it will make your job that much harder. This means she is getting sex already and she is satisfied with her sex life whether her emotional needs are being met or not. Women need sex just like guys, and if they are getting great sex then they most probably don’t need it from you. While a girl may be open to dating you, getting to know you in order to make you boyfriend material, she may already be getting some on the side so she can afford to make you wait, AND she won’t be as horny. Trying to determine if a girl is getting sex or not when you are dating her can be tricky business, and the only real way of knowing is if she sleeps with you sooner rather than later. If a girl makes you wait, she isn’t that keen, end of story. If you get a girl like this, cut your losses and move on. Find a girl that wants to jump your bones and have a fun night with you. If you wish to continue seeing her then of course that option is also available to you.

3. Are You Her Type?

For most women, a guy has to at least tick some boxes even if all the other conditions are perfect for her seduction. You at least have to fall in the ball-park for attractiveness, and your personality has to be somewhere in her “yes” box. You don’t have to be her absolute dream catch, you just have to be the kind of guy she may hook up with if the conditions were suitable for seduction.

What this means is that you won’t do it for every girl, even if she is super horny, although this does help your case. Sometimes you might just turn a girl right off and there is nothing you can do about it. You should find the girls that respond well to YOUR personality and not have to fit yours around every girl you meet. Its best to have a look and persona that can target as many girls as possible, or the kind of girl you wish to seduce. If you go looking like a banker and try to seduce punk-rocker girls, then your success rate will surely be low. Try to match the look with the girl you want.

4. Will You Talk To Her?

The biggest factor, and the one you have the most control over is your ability to enter a girl’s radar and begin the seduction process. The “opening”, as it is called, IS the most important part of the seduction process. This part of your “game” should be so super-tight, that you could do it in your sleep. If you lack the courage, skills or knowledge on opening a woman then you have to get that part sorted first. Opening involves so many things with the biggest part being able to operate while your emotions are trying to handicap and sabotage your efforts. Your emotional state will be your biggest hurdle and learning to cope with the pure fear and dread of opening attractive women will be the deciding factor if you will sleep with a particular woman or not.

This may be the last factor, and truly this is the one which you have ALL the control over. YOU get to decide when and where you will seduce women. And you will decide what you say in order for a women to sleep with you.

If all the other factors are outside your control, then controlling what you are doing is the key to success and the only reason you will succeed. If you can go over and open a woman then you have already won. Sooner rather than later, you will end up knowing how to get women to sleep with you when all the right conditions line up.

Source: seductiontoolbox.com


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