How to Get a Guy to Commit to Marriage? – Transform Your Casual Relationship Into Committed One!

It’s utterly easy to get a guy to commit to marriage. You just need to focus more on being desirable rather than chasing him all day day-to-day. Your desire in his heart will automatically compel him to value you more. He’ll start investing his time in you and desperately wish to make you his wife.

I’m telling women from the start that once they transcend few barriers, they kiss the soul of a man and become the sensational star of his life. His emotions, feelings, and mind only revolve around them, and he does everything in his strength to get them forever.

They become the greatest prize for him which he desperately wishes to earn.

However, unfortunately, women complicate things even more by doing those acts which are utterly unproductive. Their acts lift up the confusions & invite high level of disappointment into the relationship.

Feelings get wrecked, and the dreams of beautiful future bite the dust…

This article will encourage you to be more desirable and stronger so that your casual relationship can transform into a committed one.

Generate a Desire

Desire is the most powerful drug that keeps the love, feelings, & attraction vibrant. Look at the happy couples. Why they are happy? Why they genuinely love each other? Is it because they have money? Or, is it because they are good-looking?

And, most importantly, how their love keeps on growing?

Answers to these questions would help you understand that ‘Desire’ is the only thing that keep a couple together and make the relationship iconic.

So, expecting a man to commit without generating desire is completely nonsense. A man can never commit to marry if he has no desire for you in his heart… Desire compels him to see a future with you, and encourages him to take decisive steps.

Generating desire should be your very first step if you want him to commit. You can generate an intense level of desire through various ways.

i. Don’t make yourself so accessible.

ii. Prioritize social gatherings with your friends.

iii. Value yourself more.

iv. Use different ways to create attraction.

v. Act like a prize, not like a freebie.

These 5 ways are enough to generate a high-voltage desire in his heart. He feels the sexual chemistry and emotional attachment while being with you. You intensely lure him and make him think about marrying you.

Learn How to Cook

The old saying, “a way to a man’s hear is through his stomach”, is alive and well today. You will probably hear this from older women, and it’s true. Learn to cook and watch in amazement how he will start to believe that you are in fact marriage material. This is something that many modern women forget to learn correctly and it’s not something that is stated to make anyone feel bad, it’s just a fact. If you want to stand out, look into this, as it will drive the point home with every meal. Even if you break up, and they find someone else for a short time, they’ll come running back when they realize that others don’t know how to cook like you. This is one way to help in the process of getting a man to marry you, and it is a tried and true formula of success.


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