Hajia4Real New Pictures After Breakup With Kenpong (More Photos)

Mona Aka Hajia4Real posted new pictures of herself after news broke about the fact that businessman – Kenpong has ended their relationship because of her addiction to Instagram and also her lavish lifestyle.

The businessman suddenly realized Mona was over spending his hard earned money and so he eventually had to take desperate measures to avoid bankruptcy.

According to reports, Mona shared these pictures on her Instagram page to indicated the fact that she was still living a lavish lifestyle, but then someone recently spotted her flying in economy class which is weird because she was known to fly only Business class.

Someone should please advice this young lady to get a job and shop jumping from one rich man to the other. As soon as she becomes old, none of these rich guys will even look at her. They will move on to other beautiful young ladies.

Checkout more of her new pictures below

Mona Hajia4Reall20

Mona Hajia4Reall21


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