FULL STORY: Why Sulley Muntari Slapped GFA Official

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) in the early hours of Thursday, suspended Sulley Ali Muntari indefinitely from the Black Stars.

The decision was taken in the wake of his (Muntari) “unprovoked physical attack on an Executive Committee member of the GFA and a management member of the Black Stars, Mr. Moses Armah on Tuesday 24th June, 2014 during a meeting”.

But what really led to Sulley being sacked?

He may have a history of insurbodination, but is it fair to suspend him without any action being taken against the FA official?

Peacefmonline has pieced together minute-by-minute report of what transpired sourced from Sports Ministry officials, GFA members and Black Stars playing body present during the altercation.

Below is what led to the brawl…

Sulley: WHAT IS THE USE OF SOO MANY G.F.A OFFICIALS & OTHERS HERE? You Are Basically Non-Essential and have no role or duties here. Your Number even dwarf that of the players… You receive Bonuses for no work done. You are a drain on the Govt…. You always make money on our back and you see every Tournament as a means to make money…. And You Have The Vim to question us why we want our money?

Moses Armah: Your money will come take time, the captain is speaking….

Sulley: Shut up, are you the one paying the money or you are the Prez?

Moses Armah: I won’t allow you to include me in your list of victims oo…..I’m a gangster more than you.

Sulley: So you can fight me eh (moving towards Moses’ direction disentangling himself from other guys retraining him).

Moses Armah: Am ready for you. You think i’m a coward?

Sulley: (picks a bottle and drop it, surprisingly jumps and slaps Moses) Fuck you!!

Moses: Returns the slap with a blow lifts a fork…and Jonathan Mensah holds Moses’ hand up.

Essien sits quietly, Gyan and Appiah speak Ga to Sulley, calming him down as Moses is whisked away by Saban Quaye

More soon…

Source: Peacefmonline


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