Findout Reasons Why He/She Could End The Relationship


Once emotion is mentioned, the general assumption is that this term (or issue) is synonymous with women. This is not necessarily so. Both men and women have a need to feel loved and emotionally connected to their partners.

While women are unique creatures and require a lot of emotional support, the men also have emotional needs that should be met. Most men are more controlled and don’t usually have issues centred on emotions, but their disinclination to showing or appreciating emotions could make them seem cold or unfeeling and thus, create issues in relationships.

You have to connect with your partner’s emotional needs on some level. Women are very attached to their emotions and that’s just nature (or hormones, if you wish). They want their men to be supportive and understanding of them. They want to ‘feel’ their men even when they are not together physically. So the men have to figure out ways to engender these feelings.

It helps if the men can learn to talk to their women. That is one level on which you can connect emotionally. Find common grounds to discuss irrespective of age, interests or status. Learn to talk about your feelings too. Women find it easy enough to talk, so for them, talking is not really an issue. What may be an issue is what they talk about. Men will appreciate and respond to meaningful conversations, not just trivia.

If you are in a relationship, ask yourself this question: ‘Who is my best friend?’. I am quite certain that some people have best friends who are not their partners. Have you ever wondered why this is so? Do you think that is ideal?

Your partner should be your friend; the best of them. You will find out that if you can connect on that level, the issue of emotional support will be addressed. Sadly, many people reason that boyfriends/girlfriends will come and go, but best friends will always be there. That’s why they believe that that partners and best-friends are antonyms.

If you are unable to meet the emotional needs of your partner, it is very likely that he/she may look elsewhere for companionship. Simply put, he/she will look for emotional support from a better or best friend while you remain the good friend whose relationship may end up on the rocks.

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