Fans Attack Yvonne Okoro Over Sperm Comment

Popular actress Yvonne Okoro incurred the wrath of a section of her fan base over her recent comments on a scientific confusion that, “sperm whitens the teeth”.

The beautiful actress tweeted saying, “They say the best whitening agent for ones teeth is sperms…”

But the tweet outraged a section of her fan base who thought a role model like her standing shouldn’t be tweeting stuff like that. Some started to attack her, calling her a bad role model.

But ‘The Contract’ actress strongly defended her claim as she tweeted again saying, “you guys smh, (shake my head) you took the sperm fact and took it to a whole new level.

“So stating a fact about sperms or sex makes me a terrible role model, am nothing but myself it’s rather hypocritical to pretend it doesn’t exist,” she tweeted again.

Yvonne Okoro is no doubt one of Ghana’s most respected and celebrated actresses.

But as to whether she was speaking the fact, only scientists can prove. However, there are claims that there is some amount of calcium in semen, which is good for the teeth.

Yvonne is currently one of the few celebrities in this part of the world who have a strong influence on social networks.


Source: News-one


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