Dumelo Grabs Yvonne Nelson’s “Oranges”?

Ghanaian actor John Dumelo, over the weekend, suddenly developed an appetite for the succulent breasts of actress Yvonne Nelson in the full glare of onlookers at the M-Plaza Hotel in Accra.

The two were at the hotel as part of guests at the launch of Chase Forever’s newest album.

It was not John’s first time doing such a thing, as he is known for cuddling ladies, both on the screens and in real life.

Early last year, Dumelo made the headlines after journalists published photos of him grabbing an unnamed lady’s buttocks at the National Theatre during the premiere of Yvonne Okoro’s ‘Contract’.

In the last few months, Dumelo and Yvonne Nelson have been all over the place on social media with their funny romantic videos, fuelling speculations that they had something amorous going on.

On Saturday, during a photo session, John tried to touch Yvonne’s breasts after the dress she was wearing gave a clear view of her chest and sides of her breasts.

He tried several times to touch it but she stopped him.

Meanwhile, exclusive photos captured by NEWS-ONE gave an obvious indication that he might have succeeded in touching the much envied boobs.

Source: News One


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